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Symphonic twilight

Symphonic Twilight



BODY DRAMA is an artistic exploration into the experiences of inhabiting a body dramatic from birth. The artist struggles with various issues of being Hard of Hearing from birth, and an assigned flesh that the artist doesn’t identify with.


BODY DRAMA explores ideas of bodily dysphoria, a hearing loss from birth, internalized self-misogyny and the pressures of outside culture. The female flesh is pressured into a narrow form of domestication, there is a never ending issues around control and subservience, the inherit inability to ‘perfect’ the shell-regardless of who the human being is beneath the assigned gender and sex.


The shell Fohrman inhibits also grew up with a hearing loss by design, which caused a lifetime of alienation and frustrations around communication and connection. With the addition of horrible allergies to dust mites, a large portion of Fohrman’s childhood from the age of 2 was spent in various medical testing facilities for both hearing loss and allergies.


Fohrman’s BODY DRAMA is a personal catharsis in a look back at these painful experiences in an effort to make peace with the bodily past.

my only skin

My Only Skin

From Birth

From Birth

elyse 1

Elyse 1


Deer Hoof Appliance
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